Charitable Deeds provides a platform where anyone can post talents or skills to share with others.

  1. Create your account,
  2. Post your talents and skills “charitable deed”
  3. Showcase your talents and skills.
  4. Receive a review.

You can post literally anything (i.e. Tutor, Mechanic, or Legal Advice) as long as it is not deemed inappropriate or offensive. You will receive reviews from those of whom you perform your charitable deed. Put your effort forward and aim for 5 stars.

Send us a email, we will respond with 48 hours of receipt.

Click the “Register” link at the top of the home page. Create a username and password or login with you Facebook or Google account.

Login, then click “Submit Ad” at the top of the page. Create a Title, Select A Category, Add Your Description and Location. You can even link a website, YouTube or social media account.